Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele
Still from Jimmy Kimmel Live!’s spoof “Do the Right Thing 2: Do the White Thing”
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Jimmy Kimmel shot a spoof of Spike Lee's iconic Do the Right Thing, a film that captured the heart and soul of late-1980s Brooklyn, N.Y.

But Kimmel's spoof, "Do the Right Thing 2: Do the White Thing," captures the heart and soul of Brooklyn today. A gentrified Brooklyn, that is, complete with hipsters and "green" concerns. 


Instead of Radio Raheem, there's Vinyl Raheem. Instead of illegally turning on the water hydrant for an impromptu water fight on a smoldering-hot day, some hipster in Kimmel's spoof was fiddling with the hydrant for "water conservation" concerns. 

And all the fuss inside the local pizzeria? The owner is adamant about not giving in to all of the new-wave dietary restrictions that hipsters prefer. 

"I make the pies my way," Sal, the pizzeria owner (played by Kimmel), says in the spoof. "No tofu. No duck pancetta. No quinoa."

"You gotta at least go gluten-free," a fake Mookie says. 

It's great timing, since Lee is picking up an honorary Academy Award for Do the Right Thing at the 2016 Academy Awards. 


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