Watch: Jessica Williams Serves Up a Quirky Black-Girl Rom-Com You Will Love

It’s refreshing to see a complicated, funny, awkward, honest and caring black woman at the center of a romantic comedy. Comedian Jessica Williams is doing just that in her new Netflix movie, The Incredible Jessica James. In the film, Williams’ character tries her best to navigate the world of dating after breaking up with her boyfriend, played by everybody’s favorite Atlanta pothead, LaKeith Stanfield.

This ain’t your mama’s rom-com. Williams displays a character who is full and rich with emotion and vulnerability. I got the chance to sit down with Williams in New Orleans for a chat about her new movie and, of course, I had to ask her about the choice to make her love interest a white guy—the very handsome Chris O’Dowd. Williams’ response was hilarious. “Well, you know I’ve got a white bae ... ,” she said, laughing. Check out the interview in the video above.

The Incredible Jessica James debuts on Netflix on July 23.

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