Watch: Jenifer Lewis, the Undisputed ‘Mother of Black Hollywood,’ Tackles Mental Health Head-On

Mental health is a hefty topic of conversation, and oftentimes in the black community, it’s something that’s swept under the rug or prayed away. Living legend Jenifer Lewis says there is no shame in taking care of your mental health. Lewis has bipolar disorder, and in her new book, The Mother of Black Hollywood, she tackles the topic head-on.

During an interview, she told The Root: “I have no problem talking about bipolar disorder or anything that I have been through or am going through.” She makes it clear that not only does it help her, but her speaking out also helps others know that it is OK not to be OK. You should get the help you need so that you don’t allow your mental illness to exhaust you. Check out Lewis’ mental health advice in the video above.

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Jenifer Lewis is truly the best. I love her candor, her energy and her fierceness, and yes Ms. Lewis we do love you ! Thank you !