“We perceive color and report on black athletes, men and women, differently.”

—Jemele Hill

Jemele Hill’s name has been hashtagged, dragged and praised heavily this year, and here at The Root, we honor her for her contributions to journalism. As a black female sports journalist, Hill realizes how black athletes are perceived, and she’s bringing that to the table when she discusses them on the air.


You see it when Serena Williams is criticized for being boastful when she wins and a sore loser when (or if) she loses; meanwhile, when John McEnroe had his outbursts, he wasn’t criticized at all. These are just stereotypes that are extended into the sports arena.

Voices of truth like Hill’s are needed, but if you let your president tell it, she needs to be fired. We all know he’s got disdain for the truth. That’s why we must continue to stand with and lift up Hill, because we need her voice.

“I’m hoping to see even more women and women of color just in more positions of influence in our business,” Hill says.

Congratulations to Jemele Hill for being named 34th on the 2017 list of The Root 100!