Watch: Jay Ellis and Yvonne Orji of Insecure Talk About That Infamous ‘Best Buy Polo’ Scene

It was the swinging hanger heard around the world. I remember it like it was yesterday ... Issa Rae’s character Issa in Insecure rushed back home to Inglewood, Calif., to reconnect with her estranged (and fresh) ex Lawrence (played by Jay Ellis), only to find that he wasn’t there and he’d left something for her: that infamous blue Best Buy polo.


This TV show and that particular scene have caused nothing short of polarizing conversations between lovers and friends. Are you #TeamIssa or #TeamLawrence?

I caught up with Jay Ellis and Yvonne Orji of Insecure at the American Black Film Festival in Miami to talk about that scene and what the show has done for the culture.

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What kind of meal plans are Jay and Issa on? They’ve both lost weight. Also, I adore the repertoire between Yvonne and Jay. It must be nice to actually the people who you work with.