Watch: Janet Jackson Gives a Nod to Her Dad and Childhood in New Music Video

Janet Jackson in her new music video, “No Sleeep”
YouTube screenshot
Janet Jackson in her new music video, “No Sleeep”
YouTube screenshot

If you're a decor addict like me, then you'll have a decor-asm or two while watching Janet Jackson's new music video, "No Sleeep" (sic), which debuted Friday on the Today show. 

The word "plush" is written in a window's fog when the video starts, and plush is exactly what describes the look of the mansion that Jackson is frolicking around in as she mouths the lyrics to her new song.

It's been five years since she's released a video, and fans are excited about the icon's new music as well as her world tour, which will kick off in August in Vancouver. 

But perhaps the most memorable part of the video is Jackson's curly hairstyle, which she also donned in the "That's the Way Love Goes" video. Her gorgeous smile is the same, and she appears in front of two photos from her childhood that are projected on a wall: one of her with her dad when she was a little girl, and another of just her as a child. 


Nice to see Jackson share some of her fondest memories. Oh yeah, J. Cole is in it, too, kicking a nice rhyme that blends smoothly with the ambience of the song. 

It's classic Janet. 

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