Watch: 'It's Been Beneficial to Me, Too'—Adrienne Banfield Norris Opens Up About Porn to Jada and Willow

(l-r) Willow Smith reacts to grandmother Adrienne Banfield-Norris
Screenshot: Facebook Watch

Take a seat at the red table! And make yourself comfortable. Hell, I did.


On Thursday, I attended an intimate fireside chat to celebrate the return of the popular streamed series, where Jada, Gammy, and Willow reflected over the past season, talked about the importance of showing up, and dropped inspirational gems for the attendees.


One thing Jada spoke on was how important it was for the figurative and literal red table to serve as a safe space for her family, her guests, and the audience alike.

The Facebook team just got it from the gate!” Jade exclaimed. “And I felt like I needed to have a place where I could feel safe where we were trusted as well, if I was going to bring my family into a more vulnerable space.


Speaking of “getting real” ...

Monday’s episode of Red Table Talk will explore pornography, including the addictions one can suffer from it. In an exclusive clip for The Root, Gammy discusses the dichotomy between feeling like pornography is “unnatural,” yet admitting she’s gotten some perks from it.


I think that one was hard, because I had to have some conversations with my daughter and my mother and that was just like, ‘T.M.I.’,” Jada recalled to a rumbling sea of a laughs from the crowd. “I was literally like, ‘Wow this is a lot’, really having to get into what our experiences have been, what we’ve seen and what we think about it. It was deep.”


As you know, Red Table Talk is an Emmy-nominated show.


At the fireside chat, Pinkett Smith confirmed that their notable nom is thanks to their very first episode with Sheree Fletcher. Much like the viewing audience, the premiere episode instantly caught the eye of the Television Academy.

The new episode of Red Table Talk on pornography will drop on Facebook Watch, Monday, May 20 at 9 a.m. PT/12 p.m. ET. New episodes of this second season will drop every Monday at that time.

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