Watch: Is 50 Cent a Bully or Nah?

If you know 50 Cent, chances are you know he has a reputation for being a bully. His online presence and in-person demeanor are both intimidating, but it’s the former that causes the most trouble. But to have 50 Cent tell it, he’s not a bully! It’s learned and mirrored behavior from the people who bully him. The nerve, right?!

Hip-hop-history lesson time! Remember when 50 Cent basically ruined Ja Rule’s music career? This beef was in the late ’90s and early 2000s. According to reports, a friend of 50 Cent robbed Ja Rule of a chain and 50 Cent started putting out diss tracks. From there, Ja Rule pulled up at 50’s studio ready to fight. And fight they did. It’s been said that while Ja won this fight, he lost the war and 50 Cent buried his career.

Fast-forward to today, and we see that Ja Rule is attempting to reignite his beef with 50 Cent by tweeting him some very interesting things about being a “ticklebooty.” Look it up because I ain’t got that type of time to explain what Ja Rule is talking about. But just know he’s not done beefing with 50.


In a sit-down interview with 50 Cent for his new movie, Den of Thieves, I asked him if he knew that the world sees him as a bully. He responded in his typical sarcastic and sincere 50 Cent way and said, “I have habits that I’ve picked up from being bullied.” Check out the video above to see just why 50 Cent believes he’s not a bully.

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On the one hand, not a fan of bullying.

On the other hand, Ja Rule is terrible.