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The memes making fun of Steve Harvey's mistake at the 2015 Miss Universe pageant Sunday night were funny, but a viral video making its way around social media that shows how a Jamaican contestant might have acted if she were mistakenly crowned Miss Universe takes the cake.  

In the video posted on the "I Am a Jamaican" Facebook page, comedian Dwight Ross plays a Miss Jamaica contestant. She speaks in Jamaican patois (call up one of your Jamaican or West Indian friends to translate if you find the accent is too heavy) and acts as if she had just been crowned Miss Universe.


"Muah, muah muah," "Miss Jamaica" says, blowing kisses to the faux crowd, just as Miss Colombia had done Sunday night. "Finally, Jamaica does it."

And then, just as it happened Sunday night, things come to a screeching halt when Miss Jamaica realizes that she, in fact, did not win and that they're attempting to take away her crown.

"Hol' on, Steve. Because it look like you lick your head 'pon somethin'," Miss Jamaica says. (To "lick" your head means to hit your head.)

She goes on to say (in Jamaican patois) that Harvey had the audacity to call her name, and the crown was already placed on her head, and that their attempt to take the crown away is not happening. That she had already done the victory walk is another reason she's not giving back the crown. 


Miss Jamaica is steadfast and tells the officials to work something out because she's "not leaving here without this crown," lest she be the laughingstock at the airport and when she gets around her way. 

Her solution? "Make a next crown" and give it to the real winner, she says. "Steve, make a next mistake, tell 'em say ah me win."


Merry Christmas Eve, everyone, and shout-out to all the West Indians. 

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