The #Ferguson Kids
YouTube Screenshot

Six black kids from Ferguson, Mo., have gone viral with a recent YouTube video about racism. The video is blunt, sarcastic and in your face. These kids are doing their best to educate white America about the racism that still exists in our world.

The kids were recruited from the street where Michael Brown was gunned down a month ago by police Officer Darren Wilson, who is still a free man. The humor the kids use not only resonates with the times that they unfortunately live in but also provides a look at racism from the minds of children.

These kids don’t have time to pretend that racism is over. Only white people are afforded that privilege. While wearing T-shirts that read, “Racism Is Not Over. But I’m Over Racism,” the children are helping to raise money for five different anti-racism causes.


For every tee or hoodie sold here, $5 is donated to make a difference.