Antonio Vargas via Facebook video screenshot
Antonio Vargas via Facebook video screenshot

Coping with the loss of a loved one around the holidays is hard for anyone to bear. But when you’re a kid and you lose your mother, something as simple as the sound of her voice can bring you to tears. And that’s exactly what happened when Antonio Vargas gave his son a Build-a-Bear monkey as a Christmas gift.

Vargas’ wife passed away in July, and he wanted to make Christmas a special occasion for his son:

This is a real big touching moment as a parent prepping this monkey to have a heartbeat and to speak to my son, so that my son can hear his mother’s voice again. She passed away on 4th of July. We always called our son our little monkey. So on Christmas Day, his dream came true!!! I love my little man with all my heart, Daddy loves you.

Vargas posted his visit to the store on Facebook and showed how the store associate helped him place the audio boxes into the monkey.


The audio box included recordings of his late wife saying, “I love you to the world and back,” “Give me a big hug, I love you,” “I love you guys so much and I will always love you” and “Tell him Mommy loves him.”

On Christmas Day, Vargas presented the monkey to his son.

Yes, I know. You’re not crying. It’s just dust.

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