Watch: Father Discusses Self-Worth With His Young Daughter

YouTube Screenshot    
YouTube Screenshot    

If there was ever an “awww” moment in a viral video, this footage of a father discussing self-worth with his young daughter is definitely one of those moments.

In the video below, the only face captured on camera is that of a young girl sitting in her high chair, but in the background you can hear her father talking to her about how a man should value her.

“I wanted to ask you, Nola. You are a what?” the father asks.

“A queen,” Nola responds.

“Are you a queen yet?” he asks.

“No, I’m a princess,” she responds.

Her father explains that when she gets married and finds her king, she will then be a queen, who will be respected by her king. The father goes on to say how her king will always keep her honor intact, but that he (as her father) will always be around to make sure it happens.


The little girl’s father also explains to his daughter that the only reason for a man to ever put his hands on her is when he’s showing her love.

One thing’s for sure: Whoever ends up with Nola when she’s an adult will have some pretty big shoes to fill. 

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