Russell Hornsby and Regina King in Seven Seconds (Netflix)
Russell Hornsby and Regina King in Seven Seconds (Netflix)

Netflix’s upcoming crime anthology series, Seven Seconds, stars Regina King and Russell Hornsby as parents of a black teenager who was killed by a white police officer in a hit-and-run, and his fellow corrupt officers’ attempt to cover up the killing. The series, which was executive-produced by The Killing’s Veena Sud, was inspired by the death of Freddie Gray and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Fifteen-year-old Brenton Butler’s killing in the series riles up the community as his parents Latrice Butler (King) and Isaiah Butler (Hornsby) have their faith in the system and the church tested. With the help of Assistant Prosecutor K.J. Harper (Clare-Hope Ashitey), they attempt to find justice but eventually realize that justice isn’t one-size-fits-all.


Take a look at the exclusive clip below, as Latrice tries to figure out why a police officer would leave one of her son’s origami figures in his hospital room.

Seven Seconds hits Netflix on Feb. 23. Follow #SevenSeconds on Twitter and like its Facebook page.

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