Watch: Detroit 8-Year-Old and Mom Receive New Furnishings for Home After Being Homeless

@humbledesigninc via Facebook screenshot

Dionna Neely and her son, Daeyr, became homeless when she lost her job. After staying in shelters for quite some time, they finally moved into a new house. But with very little items to their name, their house remained unfurnished until Detroit-based nonprofit Humble Design helped turn their empty house into a furnished home.

During the tour of their new home, Dionna and Daeyr were amazed at their new furnishings, but it wasn’t until Daeyr got a glimpse of his new bedroom that he became overwhelmed with emotion.


Take a look at the video below (Daeyr’s room is at that 3:57 mark):

Just face it, it’s not dust; we’re all crying right now.

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