Common with the youth choir in Compton, Calif.
Video screenshot

Common, who is taking part in the My Brother's Keeper Alliance, recently surprised a youth choir at the Greater Zion Church in Compton, Calif., during a performance of the inspiring song "Glory," which he co-wrote and performed for the movie Selma.

"I wouldn't be here if I didn't have a dream … My Brother's Keeper makes me think I am reaching for you, young man. This program specifically is there to provide them with a basic quality of life that every young man deserves," Common stated.


"These kids aren't going to be perfect, but if we give them a … dream to pursue, and mentor them, we will make their world better. [And] they in return will make the world better," he continued.

Common urges people to take time to mentor black youths in order to make them realize that they're #MoreThan a stereotype. Learn more about the My Brother's Keeper Alliance and the #MoreThan project.