Watch: Commercial for Detergent Aired on Chinese TV Shows Just How ‘Dirty’ Racism Can Be

Image from controversial Chinese detergent commercial
YouTube screenshot

If you needed an example of how deep-seated racism is in Asian culture, look no further than this commercial that aired on Chinese TV for Qiaobi-brand laundry detergent.

In the commercial, a black man is painting an Asian woman's house and seems to be making advances at her. Just when he thinks he's about to kiss her, she pops some detergent into his mouth.

Take a look:

First of all, I guess a check is a check—that's the only reason a black actor would even take part in this commercial. But I'm not going to act as though I'm shocked by it at all.

Just as racism isn't going anywhere in the U.S., it's not leaving Asian countries anytime soon. If you take a look at ads featured in those countries, you'll see everything from products that promise you whiter skin to blatantly racist overtones like the one above, as well as the mocking of black people.


And one can assume that the people at Qiaobi don't see anything wrong, or why people would have issues with their dirty commercial.

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