Watch: College Student Wanted Mac and Cheese So Bad, He Got Expelled From UConn for It

Luke Gatti (left)
YouTube screenshot
Luke Gatti (left)
YouTube screenshot

OK, I get it. Macaroni and cheese is a food gift from the gods. In my own personal recipe, there are five different cheeses, and I meticulously cook it, making sure it’s perfect every time. But is mac and cheese worth getting expelled from a university over?

If you let Luke Gatti, a former student at the University of Connecticut, tell it, yes, it is.

Sunday night, Gatti appeared in video footage shot in UConn’s cafeteria begging for jalepeño-bacon mac and cheese. Visibly drunk, the 19-year-old confronts the cafeteria employee who refused to serve him. In the nine-minute video, Gatti repeatedly berates the employee by calling him names and even physically assaults him.

Obviously endowed with the patience of Job, the cafeteria employee tries to defuse the situation, but Gatti is persistent. Eventually Gatti is put into a headlock by another cafeteria employee, and a campus police officer finally shows up. As Gatti is dragged out of the cafeteria, he says one final farewell to the cafeteria employee by spitting in his face.


According to Death and Taxes, Gatti was charged with breach of the peace in the second degree and criminal trespassing. To make matters worse, because Gatti is underage and was intoxicated, he was expelled from the university.

That better be the world’s best damn mac and cheese.

This isn’t the first time Gatti’s been in trouble on a college campus. While a student at the University of Massachusetts, Gatti was reportedly arrested for disorderly conduct and referred to a police officer as a n—ger. Once taken into custody, he also assaulted another cop.

This kid definitely has a future ahead of him. Hope he loves jail mac and cheese.

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