Watch: Car-Crash Eyewitness Delivers Eccentric Account of the Accident; Segment Goes Viral

Courtney Barnes
YouTube Screenshot
Courtney Barnes
YouTube Screenshot

Brace yourself. The following interview will likely join the ranks of Sweet Brown's "Oh Lord Jesus, it's a fire" and Antoine Dodson's "Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife" soundbites that were made during news segments that went viral.


A local Mississippi TV station covering a car accident interviewed Courtney Barnes, who wore a lime-green ponytail that matched his lime-green nails (à la SWV circa 1995), with eyebrows drawn in one continuous line across his forehead and outlined in white eyeliner. Barnes delivered a riveting account of what he saw. 

Barnes, speaking ever so passionately, described how a police car that was chasing a civilian car spun out of control and hit a pole. 

"Lord be with this young man, he need a blessing," Barnes said. Barnes, still in disbelief at how quickly the cop's car spun out of control, described how he was headed to buy "a piece of burger from Burger King" when the accident played out right in front of his eyes.

"The police car just twist around like a tornado, girl, and the Lord just shook it up and the man just got injured," Barnes said.

The YouTube video showing Barnes' interview had nearly 150,000 plays as of Thursday evening.

Enough talk. Words can't do Barnes' delivery justice. Watch for yourself: 

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