Video footage from a recent rally for GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump
YouTube Screenshot

The goal of the Free Hugs Project is quite simple: Participants want to make America love again. Which is a complete spin on GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump's campaign slogan and, apparently, the sentiments of people who attend his rallies.

The project recently attended rallies for Trump as well as for Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders and offered free hugs. Who doesn't want a hug? Well, apparently, people who attend Trump rallies hate hugs. Or maybe they just hate hugs from black men?

At a Trump rally in Janesville, Wis., video footage shows an anti-Trump protester being maced and then being asked, "How does the burn feel?" A black guy offering hugs was met with things like, "White is better," and "I don't want any drugs." Another woman threatened to punch him if he wasn't a Trump supporter.

On the flip side, when the project attended a Sanders rally, the same black guy was met with abundant amounts of love and kindness.


Sorry, Trump supporters, y'all look crazy.