Watch: Barack Obama Sings Iggy Azalea’s ‘Fancy’

President Barack Obama speaking during a Memorial Day event at Arlington National Cemetery, May 26, 2014, in Arlington, Va.
Pool photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

I don’t usually listen to Iggy Azalea’s music, but when I do it’s being “sung” by President Barack Obama. In the latest edition of YouTube’s popular Barackdubs channel, various Obama speeches are pieced together to cover the first few verses of Azalea’s hit “Fancy.”

Honestly, I’d give anything to hear Obama say “First thing first, I’m the realest,” in real life, in front of a bunch of Republicans, and then walk off and leave them with, “I’m so fancy.”


Yesha Callahan is editor of The Grapevine and a staff writer at The Root. Follow her on Twitter.

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