Watch: Auntie Fee Will Show You How to Feed 7 People for Only $3

Felicia O’Dell, aka Auntie Fee
YouTube screenshot

Felicia O’Dell’s fame is rising thanks to her hilarious cooking videos on YouTube. O’Dell, known online as Auntie Fee, may have only four cooking videos on her YouTube channel, but with close to 2 million views, she’s a viral cooking sensation

Auntie Fee’s recipes and videos aren’t for the faint of heart because she doesn’t bite her tongue.


“Kids and fat people like a lot of cheese,” Auntie Fee said in one of her recent videos.

Auntie Fee isn’t YouTube’s most conventional cook, but she’ll teach you how to feed seven people for only $3 with some $1 ramen packets and bits of steak she saved from selling tacos.

Appetizing, right?

Auntie Fee’s personality shines through in her videos, and by “personality” I mean her ability to say “This bitch is ready” after noticing that her $3 dish is ready for mass consumption.


Of course, not everyone is feeling Auntie Fee’s newfound fame because, as the saying goes, “Haters gonna hate.” Auntie Fee’s niece has a message for the haters: “To all haters, you know you don’t have a stainless steel sink or stove in the kitchen, so shut the f—k up.” Also, Auntie Fee did 10 years in the pen, so leave her alone.

Someone give Auntie Fee her own show, stat. Move over, Rachael Ray and that white woman with the Kwanzaa cake—Auntie Fee is about to show you how it’s done. 


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