Assistant Principal Gary Logan of Woodrow Cummins Elementary School in Conway, Ark.
YouTube screenshot

Let's face it—getting kids in gear for school every day isn't easy. But one school administrator is willing to do whatever it takes to get his students motivated. Just as long as he can sing and dance while doing it.

Gary Logan, the assistant principal at Woodrow Cummins Elementary in Conway, Ark., has gone viral after his morning song-and-dance routine hit the Internet.

Every morning the 29-year-old greets his students with a catchy song and dance as their parents drop them off. One morning it's the Nae Nae. Another morning it could be Diana Ross and the Supremes.

"Singing and dancing has always been my deal," Logan told Today Parents. "With a microphone in my hand, I'm just in my element. I like to sing and crack jokes and make light of a stressful situation—so that's what I do in the mornings."

Logan isn't the only one singing and dancing. Just like sneezing, his routine is contagious, and students tend to join in on the fun. Dayna Lewis, the school's principal, says that Logan's morning ritual has made the students and their parents more engaged.

"Mr. Logan's morning routine of singing and dancing has strengthened our school climate. … Students are connected to Woodrow Cummins Elementary from the moment they step out of their vehicle each morning, fostering their engagement in school, which in turn boosts academic achievement," said Lewis. "As a bonus, Mr. Logan's morning routine has also helped to decrease our tardy rate because students don't want to miss out on the fun!"


Can we clone Mr. Logan and put him in every school?