Watch: Aretha Franklin Brings President Obama to Tears While Performing ‘Natural Woman’

Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele
Aretha Franklin performs Carole King’s “(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman” at the 2015 Kennedy Center Honors in December 2015.
YouTube screenshot

Earlier this month, Aretha Franklin performed her 1967 hit "You Make Me Feel Like (A Natural Woman)" at the 2015 Kennedy Center Honors in Washington, D.C., to honor the person who wrote the song, Carole King. And boy, did Franklin make King proud. 

During the gala, which aired Tuesday night, Franklin came out in a gold gown and a gorgeous fur coat—which she later threw to the ground at the end of her performance like a boss; plopped herself down on the piano; and sang the song as if she were recording it for the first time. Every note, every breath, every melody and every intonation rang true. 


King was flabbergasted throughout the performance, holding her chest and cheering Franklin on. President Barack Obama, who was in the audience, wiped away tears. First lady Michelle Obama rocked back and forth, smiling from ear to ear. Watch the performance below. 

All hail Queen Aretha.

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