“I was being Taylor Swift and you just Kanye’d me,” Angela Rye said, scolding her The Root 100 gala co-host, Extra’s A.J. Calloway. Only someone as strong-willed as Rye could use “Kanye” as a verb. But what else do you do when you’re having your shining moment and A.J. Calloway comes up, attempting to take that shine?

If he knew Rye like we do, he would never interrupt a woman like her. She’s the spot-on “Boy, bye” voice of blackness who holds no punches. So choosing her as one of the hosts of The Root 100 gala was a no-brainer. And to top it off, Rye is also on the list as an honoree! She told The Root, “It feels really amazing to be recognized in a group of people I love so much.”

And we love her! In her words, “Clearly, we’re fighting in 2017,” so let’s keep agitating, organizing and sharing our truths. Here’s why Rye loves The Root. Check out the video above.