Watch: Al Sharpton Teaches Us How to Take a Proper Selfie

We all know the Rev. Al Sharpton as one of the leaders of the civil rights movement. In fact, in October 2017, The Root invited the Rev to our office to interview him about his 50 years of service in civil rights, and he told us about the time he was stabbed while marching. To say this man is ride-or-die for the cause is an understatement.


However, in the here and now of the digital age, Sharpton is out here keeping up with the times! He loves social media, and even more so, he loves the art of selfies. Remember when this selfie went viral?

This thirst-trapping snapshot set the internet ablaze, so I figured I’d ask Sharpton to give us a selfie tutorial because ... why not? Check out his step-by-step guide to taking the perfect selfie. It’s epic, and you’re welcome.

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