The Be Like series on The Root focuses on the commonalities we all share when it comes to various topics. Thus far we’ve tackled subjects like dating, voting and dieting. The latest episode focuses on something—or someone—we all know too well: internet trolls.

From comments sections (shoutout to the “grays”—Kinja inside joke) to faceless Twitter profiles, we have all endured (and continue to endure) our fair share of keyboard thugs. How do I, working on the internet every day, handle them? I mostly avoid the comments. But trolls are relentless, and they’ll find your email address, your friends or whatever alternate avenue to poke the bear.


What we don’t see is how they operate. We can assume it’s from the depths of their mothers’ basements, but we know there’s more to being a troll than hurling insults. We dug down deep to bring you a day in the life of an internet troll, just so you can see what it takes to prepare ... to ruin the internet. Check out the video above.