Watch: 106-Year-Old Woman Watches Viral Video of Her Gleeful Meeting With the Obamas

Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele
Virginia McLaurin

Virginia McLaurin—the 106-year-old black woman whose meeting with President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama at the White House last week went viral—had no idea the video was such a sensation on social media. 

The Washington Post showed her the video clip on a smartphone, and McLaurin was just beside herself with joy as she relived the moment. 


"This is it!" McLaurin said. "This is nice. That's me." McLaurin was at the White House for its annual Black History Month celebration. A lifelong community volunteer, she said that she always wanted to meet the Obamas and finally got the chance to do so. 

"That's us," she said, pointing to the screen of her with the president and first lady.

"I was so happy to meet the black president," McLaurin said. "I was so happy to get the chance to shake hands and feel him. And his wife was so nice. So that was the joy of my whole entire life. My whole entire life … "

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