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It's too cold to go out and it's too lonely to stay in. That only means one thing: It's cuffing season.


It's the most wonderful time of the year—depending on whom you ask. Cuffing season is the couple of months of cold weather when inhibitions are down and hunting is up. Singles everywhere are on a quest to lock in their own Mr. or Ms. Right Now who will hunker down and cuddle the cold away (among other X-rated things).

Your level of cuffing is decided by you and your buddy, but the bottom line is that you're both committed to not committing to a relationship, but instead to a situationship where both of you are satisfied with nights in, Netflix and chilling, and lots of lust.


October is almost history, meaning it's high time you made your final cuts and started notifying the cuff buddies. Here are 10 signs you can be sure you're in the midst of cuffing season.

  1. “Wyd” floods your text messages.
  2. There’s a whole lotta sliding going on in your DMs.
  3. Your many matches on Tinder make the app crash.
  4. You actually suggest and prefer Netflix and chill.
  5. You send and receive at least three "Hey you" texts a day.
  6. You suddenly have so much in common with everyone you meet.
  7. Flirting becomes an Olympic sport.
  8. The same person likes more than 10 of your Instagram posts, and most of them are from 32 weeks ago.
  9. Your closet is suddenly full of cute loungewear.
  10. Your friends are too busy to hang out … because they’re busy cuffing.

Happy cuffing!

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