Was Omarosa Hospitalized for an Asthma Attack or Did She Finally Choke on Her Own Lies?

Celebrity Big Brother (CBS)
Celebrity Big Brother (CBS)

Reality star, drama queen and proof that the devil occasionally wears a red dress Omarosa Manigault Newman had to receive medical attention this weekend after breathing difficulties on the set of CBS’ Celebrity Big Brother.


TMZ reports that Omarosa was hospitalized for 19 hours on Friday and Saturday after what was either an asthma attack or the result of the universe finally getting tired of Omarosa’s bullshit and putting her in a karmic choke hold. OK, it was an asthma attack, but you can still laugh at the thought of the former White House secretary of stepping and fetching needing the Heimlich maneuver after one of her many lies got stuck in her throat.

The situation reportedly happened when the contestants had to spin around in a circle, make themselves dizzy and then participate in a bowling competition. Some of the Big Brother cast, however, believe that Omarosa manufactured the asthma attack so that she could leave the house and get some rest in the hospital.

Omarosa returned to the reality show Saturday, allowing us to return to our vigorously intense habit of not giving a fuck about Omarosa Manigault Newman until one of the houseguests shows her a crucifix or April Ryan pops up out of nowhere and stabs her in the heart with a wooden stake and we can finally watch Omarosa Manigault Newman dissolve into a pile of dust, finally ending our long national nightmare.


Thoughts and prayers.

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The irony of someone who sucks the air out of every room she walks in having an asthma attack has not been lost upon this American.