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Waffle House Boycotts Belgian Waffles for Team USA

Waffle House/Twitter
Waffle House/Twitter

Color us amazed, but the Waffle House restaurant chain has found a way to garner more fans by using today’s USA vs. Belgium World Cup game as leverage.


What’s more American than some waffles—well, unless those waffles are Belgian waffles? The Waffle House came up with the novel idea of boycotting Belgian waffles—or Belgium waffles, according to one of its tweets—to show its support for Team USA. Never mind the fact that Belgian waffles aren’t a delicacy in Belgium; the Waffle House has declared that it’s time to start a breakfast feud as a sign of patriotism. 

But let’s be honest. Have you ever eaten a waffle from the Waffle House and said to yourself, “Damn, this is the best waffle I’ve ever had”? Unless you were recovering from a massive hangover, probably not.


“We’ve never served Belgian waffles at Waffle House, and we just want to support Team USA,” Waffle House spokeswoman Meghan Irwin told Today.com. “It’s just supposed to be really fun, and we want to just stand behind Team USA.”

In any event, those on Twitter joined in to show their patriotism and pledged their love for Team USA—and soggy waffles from the Waffle House.


Go, ’Murica and waffles!

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