Teyana Taylor and Queenzflip            
Instagram Screenshot

Editor’s note: This article contains social media posts that some may find offensive.

Queenzflip is the viral Instagram prankster who loves to go berserk in his car to his favorite hip-hop anthems. He has pranked several people in the process of making his now-infamous Instagram videos, including one featuring his son, who got a bowl of cereal knocked out of his hands, as well as NBA star Iman Shumpert.


Queenzflip and Shumpert are apparently friends, since Queenzflip volunteered to take Shumpert’s fiancee, Teyana Taylor, out to run errands, including getting her hair done. However, Shumpert and Taylor made Queenzflip promise that he wouldn’t play any pranks on her, especially since she just had a baby.

Unfortunately, Queenzflip did not keep his promise and felt the wrath of Taylor.

Taylor posted a rundown of the events that transpired once she was in Queenzflip’s car. I’m pretty sure he’ll never try to prank Taylor again.