This time last year, gay couple Kordale Lewis and Kaleb Anthony had gone viral after posting a photo of their morning hair routine with their daughters. After their newfound Internet fame, the couple went on to star in a Nikon commercial as part of the camera company’s I Am Generation Image campaign.

Unfortunately, at least some good things come to an end, and the couple is no longer engaged, according to the New York Post.


“My love for them will always prevail even if ‘Daddy’ and I are no longer together,” Anthony said of the children in what the Post reported was a message on Instagram. “Truthfully, they are the ONLY reason I am sad to leave and move on.”

Anthony didn’t go into details as to what led to the breakup, but he did say he’d always love his ex: “You should never have to question your worth or [compromise] your morals when you’re with your soulmate; it doesn’t work out that way … I am happy to be ‘Caleb’ again.

“I still love him,” Anthony said of Lewis. “I’m willing to start over with MYSELF and find who I really am.”

Anthony also stated that although he couldn’t act as if he didn’t have any part in the breakup, he wanted what he said was the disrespect he’d endured to end. “I cannot sit here and act like I was not part of the demise of ‘KordalenKaleb,’ but at no point do I or anyone else deserve to be disrespected the way I was and to continue it on while we’re together as a family on vacation,” he wrote.

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