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While typically captivating audiences with his trademark baritone, DaBaby has spent quite a bit of time as of late entangled in endless legal drama. Thankfully, it would appear that at least one of those incidents can be put behind him, as prosecutors have decided not to press charges against the 28-year-old recording artist for his involvement in an ugly airport brawl.


TMZ reports that DaBaby’s attorney, Michael Heiskell, presented video evidence to Tarrant County authorities that proves the “Suge” rapper wasn’t at fault for an alleged assault that took place inside of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

This situation became an issue after a similar incident that occurred in Miami last week, in which the Grammy-nominated artist allegedly beat the brakes off of a concert promoter for playing with his money.


After spending a “weak ass 48 hours” in jail over a warrant that was issued because of the airport incident, the Charlotte, N.C., native took to Instagram to air out his frustrations.

“To Whom It May Concern: Please stop talking to me about that weak ass 48 hours I spent in jail and that failed attempt to break my spirits and interrupt the path I’m taking to my God-given success,” he posted. “I remain composed and focused knowing allegations made without honesty and integrity will never be honored by the most high.”

Props to DaBaby for getting the charges dropped, but I’m gonna need him to do us all a favor and keep his ass out of trouble before it completely derails his promising career.

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