VH1 Announces the Premiere of Sorority Sisters

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A petition couldn’t stop them. Angry members of the Divine 9 couldn’t stop them. So it looks as if VH1’s Sorority Sisters will either have people hating the new show, which premieres Dec. 15, or loving it. Or maybe hate-loving it.

Sorority Sisters, from VH1 and Mona Scott (the mastermind behind the Love & Hip Hop franchise), roused the ire of thousands when the announcement was made that it was in development. So much so, a petition was created to have the show stopped. Even with more than 46,000 signatures, however, the petition apparently fell on deaf ears.


Sorority Sisters highlights the lives of a several Atlanta women who attended HBCUs and pledged various black sororities. What do you expect from VH1 and Scott? They weren’t scouring the campuses of, let’s say, UMass looking for a bunch of white women who pledged. HBCU plus black women apparently equals must-see, drama-filled reality TV.

From VH1 (aka BET 2.0):

VH1 gives viewers a rare glimpse into the unique world of ATL Greek life with the series premiere of “Sorority Sisters” on Monday, December 15 at 9:00 PM ET/PT. Nine women, who continue to honor the traditions and legacies of their respective sororities and chapters, all agree on one main principle: sisterhood doesn’t end after graduation, it’s for life. For these friends and sisters (or “sorors”) from celebrated historically black colleges and universities in Atlanta, strong ties to their organizations lead to fierce rivalries, but through thick and thin, these women stand united and share an unbreakable bond.

“Sorority Sisters” follows the lives of women from four different sororities. Since these “sorors” are pledges for life, they are expected to continue their community work long after graduation. From long-awaited reunions, to managing the men in their lives, for these line sisters, it’s homecoming all across the ATL. These ladies have a lot at stake— their aspirations, reputations, livelihoods, friendships, and families—and the legacies of their sororities.

I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of pissed-off sorority members on social media tweeting their hate and how they’re being misrepresented on the show. The founders will be rolling over in their graves, too. 

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