Va. Beach Nightclub Issues Apology to Pusha T

Pusha T
Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Pusha T
Pusha T
Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Pusha T

A Virginia Beach, Va., nightclub has issued an apology to rapper Pusha T after his allegations of racism and discriminatory practices when it comes to who gets admitted into the club. Last week the Virginia Beach native attempted to patronize Venue 112 but was told he couldn’t, which Pusha T attributed to the club’s blatant racism.


In an interview with’s Nicole Livas Tuesday, Pusha T explained: “White males and females walked in before us … we were there first, and we had to wait.”

After receiving backlash online from Pusha T, as well as Pharrell Williams, the club has issued an apology of sorts.

“@kingpush I’m sorry I offended you it was not my intent and I apologize,” Jon Lindsay, owner of Venue112 nightclub, wrote to Pusha T, who then reposted the apology to Instagram. “I know you will find many in our community who will vouch for the content of my character. I meant you no disrespect. If you would ever like to give Venue112 another chance let me know and I will happily accommodate you.”

But the content of his character still doesn’t mean that he’s not going to discriminate when it comes to the club’s guest list. Lindsay still indicated that there is a policy as to who is let into the club, and that if Pusha T wants to be let in, he should come in earlier and often so club personnel can familiarize themselves with him. 

On Pusha T’s Instagram page, the rapper has documented responses from other clubgoers who say they were denied entry to Venue 112, as well as Yelp reviews of the club. 

It looks as though Lindsay has only apologized to cover his tracks after the bad publicity.