Usher's $20 Million Herpes Lawsuit Dismissed, Settled Out of Court

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It would appear that Usher’s $20 million lawsuit, in which Laura Helm accused the “Confessions Part II” singer of exposing her to herpes, is finally behind him.


TMZ reports that with an “amiable resolution” in place, both sides have reached a settlement and the case has been dismissed. Terms were not disclosed.

Of particular note, the dismissal was filed with prejudice—meaning it can’t be refiled, which is typically the case when a financial settlement is agreed upon.


Helm was one of a number of women—and a man—to sue the singer back in 2017 for knowingly exposing them to herpes. Initially she sued for $10 million before emotional harm and punitive damages doubled that sum to $20 million.

For technical reasons, she dismissed the case later that year before refiling it in 2018. But with a settlement in place, this case is officially closed.

In recent months, Usher has been hard at work on the follow up to his 2015 album Hard II Love  since we’ve all decided that his collaborative album A, with super producer Zaytoven, never happened.


No release date has been confirmed, but based upon his social media activity, it appears to be a sequel to 2014's Confessions.

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I hope she got paid because that shit was fucked up. Especially after Usher stans starting going after homegirl because she’s a big girl.