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Music with a message is definitely something that both Usher and Nas are aiming to make with the release of their new single "Chains." The song, which highlights police brutality, premiered on Tidal and uses advanced facial-recognition technology to drive home the message.

While watching the video, you're urged not to move your eyes as photos of recent victims of police or racially based brutality, like Rekia Boyd and Trayvon Martin, are shown on the screen. The interactive video only works if you keep your eyes on the screen; once you look away, the video stops. 


"I am no prison commodity, not just a body you throw in a cell," Nas raps.

"We're still in chains. You put the shame on us," Usher sings during the video.

Usher will perform the song at the Tidal X: 10/20 concert at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., Oct. 20.

Proceeds from "Chains" will be donated to a donor-advised fund managed by, a social-justice organization.

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