Unique Views, Episode 4: Former NFL Star Thomas Q. Jones Talks Athletes, Activism and What Goes Down in the DMs

Thomas Q. Jones in 2014
David Buchan/Getty Images

It isn’t every day that the Sanford and Son of podcasts—aka your grandma’s favorite satin bonnet; aka your favorite podcast’s most unknown favorite podcast—gets a special guest. Actually, just last week we had a special guest in R&B legend Keith Sweat.

But this week, Unique Views has former NFL baller and current actor, activist and cutty buddy, Thomas Q. Jones. Don't you worry—we found out what the "Q" stands for. We even played a game to figure it out. Not only does Jones love Unique Views, but he's also a big fan of The Root, which makes us proud.


In this episode we find out that Virginia is for racists. Jones also joins us for the petty roundup of the week, which includes Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Ted Cruz and Kobe Bryant. Jones' opinion on these topics will be pleasantly surprising. And that's not all. He opens up about going to the DMs, his acting career and why he left football. He also plays an amazing game of "Marry, Kill or Cutty Buddy" with us. Spoiler alert: He'd totally cutty buddy with Omarosa! What?! You've got to listen for yourself!

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