Uncle Luke on Rap Music and Donald Trump P--sy Comments: ‘We Glorify the Vagina. We Don’t Take It’

Luther Campbell, aka Uncle Luke
Michael Tran/FilmMagic

When Donald Trump's p—sy comments went viral, many conservative pundits attempted to throw rap and Beyoncé under the bus. They repeatedly tried to say that Trump's comments were no different from music being played on the radio. And if anything, rap and some R&B lyrics are even more vulgar. But one rapper made it clear as to why rap lyrics have nothing to do with what Trump wanted to grab.

In an interview with CBS’ Kevin Klein LiveLuther Campbell, aka Uncle Luke from 2 Live Crew, had a few words to say about the correlation between Trump's grabbing-p—sies comments and rap music.


"The difference between me and Trump and the music that I've done," Campbell says, "we glorify the vagina. We don't take it. He's talking about rape, and we're talking about, 'Hey, we want some P. Face down, ass up!' We talk about things that are so great about a sexual act, versus, 'Oh, I would grab her by her P.' We would never talk about it in that manner where you would go violate a woman. Just kissin' a woman straight up—that’s unacceptable."

And there you have it, folks. As much as conservatives want to say rap is a societal ill, rappers know the difference between sexual assault and consent.


Campbell didn't leave it there. He also spoke about one particular party, thrown by Trump, that he attended back in the day. But he didn't stay long because it was even too wild for him.

"Me, Mike Tyson and Eddie Murphy, we were invited to his mansion in West Palm Beach one time," Luke said. "They had all these women running around. There was so much going on. There was too much going on in that room. There were some wild things going on, some things I can't even say over this radio. This ain't XM Radio. It was some wild stuff going on, but this guy’s not fit to be a president.


"It was so much going on to the point that I couldn't take what was going on in that room and I left," he continued.

Now, one has to wonder what was actually going on at a Trump party that could cause Uncle Luke to vacate the premises. See, rappers aren't so bad after all. Gotta keep an eye on these "politicians," though.

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