UK’s Independent Tries to Erase Prince’s Blackness by Labeling Him ‘Mixed Race’

Prince’s parents, John Lewis Nelson and Mattie Della Baker
Prince’s parents, John Lewis Nelson and Mattie Della Baker

Several poignant think pieces have been posted over the last 24 hours about Prince's life and his contributions to music, pop culture, activism and style. But there's one think piece that has caught the ire of many people. Especially since it totally labeled the icon "mixed race."


The writer of the piece on the United Kingdom's Independent website wrote about how she related to Prince because of his artistry, as well as the fact that he was mixed race, like she is.

But … ummm, she obviously isn't that much of a Prince fan. If she were, she would know that Prince wasn't mixed race.


Just because the woman playing his mother in Purple Rain was white doesn't mean his real mother was.

Mattie Della Baker, pictured above, was a black woman.

John Lewis Nelson, pictured above, was a black man.

When two black people get together and procreate, they make black babies. Those babies may be light-skinned, dark-skinned or something in between. It's called genes.

Now, I understand the writer's love for and fascination with Prince, but how dare she try to downplay his blackness! Prince reveled in his blackness. He even shaded white people in one song and referred to them as devils.

I understand there are issues in the U.K. when it comes to being, their fancy word, "coloured." But keep those issues to yourselves.


Prince was black.

Will always be black.

And was proud of it.

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