Tyler, the Creator Calls Out Lack of Black Cartoon Characters on TV During Comic-Con Q&A: ‘We Don’t Have Shit’

Tyler, the Creator attended Comic-Con International in San Diego over the weekend to promote his Adult Swim cartoon, The Jellies! And everything was going quite well—until a white audience member asked the rapper why the main character of the cartoon was black.

“How many fucking black cartoon characters is it on TV right now?” Tyler responded. “Name five. I’ll give you time.”


Tyler continued: “It is none; it is none.”

“They canceled Static Shock. Nobody remembers Fillmore. Like, we don’t got shit,” he said. “The only other black character is this fucking weird-ass ... oh no, they killed Chef off fucking South Park. So we don’t have shit.”


Tyler co-created The Jellies! with Lionel Boyce (aka L-Boy), and both he and Boyce will voice-act, and my dear friend Angela Nissel is one of the writers on the show not so shameless plug.

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