Tracy Clayton
Bahraini Shiites protesting (stringer/Getty Images)
Bahraini Shiites protesting (stringer/Getty Images)

(The Root) — It's not rare for people's behavior on social media to land them in hot water; people lose their jobs all the time for things they post on Facebook or put on Twitter. But in Bahrain, tweeting the wrong thing about the wrong person just might land you in prison.


That's what happened to six people in Bahrain accused of insulting the king, Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, and other members of the community. Bahrain has been embroiled in human-rights protests since February 2011, and many Bahraini activists have taken to Twitter to document "violations" against the Bahraini people.

The six activists were sentenced to one year in prison, but others have faced harsher sentences for their online activities. Blogger Ali Abdulemam was sentenced to 15 years but managed to flee to London.


Read more at Al-Jazeera.

Tracy Clayton is a writer, humorist and blogger from Louisville, Ky.

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