Montel Williams
Money Mutual

What you’re not going to do is hock payday loans on TV and try to insult someone on Twitter who is attempting to better the lives of black people across the country. But unfortunately, Montel Williams learned this lesson the hard way on Wednesday.

The former talk show host and now face of payday loans came for activist DeRay McKesson on Twitter when he posted the following tweet:

But no one even said he was.

That tweet seemed to be a response to a recent appearance McKesson made on Sean Hannity’s show, where Hannity’s guest Kevin Jackson referred to McKesson as a “professional protester” after they asked why he was unemployed.


But those on Twitter weren’t having it, including McKesson and the King Center:

And then there was #MontelWilliamsLogic:


Here’s a word of advice to Williams: Stop hocking predatory loans. Put down that weed. And do one ounce of the work McKesson has done over the last year. Then maybe you can talk.