Twitter Beef: R&B Singer Cheryl Lynn Shades Anita Baker on Twitter After Realizing She’s Blocked

Cheryl Lynn and Anita Baker    

While most of us were either watching the NBA semifinals or catching z’s early Thursday, a Twitter beef was brewing. No, it wasn’t Chris Brown going at Tyson Beckford. Or about whether LeBron James is or isn’t the greatest player of all time. This time, it was an R&B squabble.

Cheryl Lynn, best known for her song “Got to Be Real,” got all in her feelings after realizing that fellow R&B singer Anita Baker had blocked her on Twitter. Because why not?


But, of course, the funniest thing about all of this is the reaction on Twitter. And the fact that Baker is probably sitting somewhere not giving a damn.


The only good that can come from this is the fact that a new generation of people now know who these two singers are. 

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