Tupac Shakur’s ‘Breakup’ Letter to Madonna and Her Panties Removed From Auction

Madonna via Instagram
Madonna via Instagram

Remember earlier this month when a letter written by Tupac Shakur in prison to Madonna went up for auction? In the letter, the late rapper gave his reasons for breaking up with the singer, and somehow, the letter made it to an auction.


Most people wondered about the whys and hows when it came to the auction house getting the letter. Well, apparently Madonna is now claiming that the letter was stolen.


According to TMZ, the singer, who once called Whitney Houston “mediocre,” didn’t even realize that some of her personal letters, and even panties, were missing and were being sold at the Gotta Have Rock and Roll auction. Madonna accuses her former art curator Darlene Lutz of stealing the items, and the singer was granted a temporary restraining order against the auction.

Madonna says that she didn’t realize the items were up for auction until the media started reporting on them, according to documents obtained by TMZ. Madonna says that Lutz betrayed her “trust in an outrageous effort to obtain [her] possessions without [her] knowledge or consent.”

A spokesperson for Lutz and the auction house denies Madonna’s claims, TMZ reports.

Besides the fact that Madonna says her personal letters were “stolen,” for the life of me, I can’t figure out who’d want to buy a pair of her panties.

Bye, Kinja! It's been fun (occasionally).

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Madonna had an art curator?