Trump Supporter’s Eyebrows Have the Internet Asking: ‘What Are Those???’

Photo illustration by Yesha Callahan/The Root; photo via Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images

There’s a certain person who runs our weekend social media who constantly refers to me as “Eyebrows Callahan,” because she’s a hater and wishes her eyebrows could look like mine. But truth be told, I’ve always hated my eyebrows ... until I caught a glimpse of the woman above.

During Donald Trump’s speech about repealing Obamacare Monday, there was one woman whose eyebrows caught the world’s attention. Some noted that they looked like long division; others just wanted to know the whys and hows:


Seriously, when your eyebrows can steal the spotlight from Trump’s speech about seven years under Obamacare, you’ve done a great job.

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