Trevor Noah: The Key to a Trump Pardon? Racist Barack Obama Tweets

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Screenshot: The Daily Show With Trevor Noah

In a “take me serious” black outfit and yellow heels, Kim Kardashian was all business as she marched her way into the White House Wednesday to speak to Donald Trump about prison reform and pardoning Alice Marie Johnson. Johnson’s story tugged at Kardashian’s heart when she learned about the life sentence without parole she was given for a first-time, nonviolent drug offense.


But, apparently, Johnson just hasn’t tweeted enough racist tweets about Barack Obama, because less than 24 hours after Kardashian’s meeting with Trump, Trump pardoned conservative pundit Dinesh D’Souza instead—well, that’s late-night host Trevor Noah’s take, anyways.

Noah, who referred to D’Souza as a “brown grand wizard,” says he was shocked to learn that Trump pardoned him, but any enemy of Obama’s is a friend of Trump’s.

On Thursday night’s The Daily Show, Noah gave Kardashian some advice about the next time she puts on her serious suit to be taken seriously by a clown of a president. Noah told Kardashian to have Johnson just post some “racist Obama tweets and she’ll be out in a week.”

Just in case you need a refresher on some of D’Souza’s previous Obama tweets:


Take a look at Noah’s segment from Thursday night:

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I get that colorism is a big issue in India and it makes sense that a light skin Indian woman like nimrata nikki haley randhawa is stooping for the Republicans.

But what’s to explain dinesh dsouza and ajit pai being two of the biggest asshole clowns despite their over abundance of melanin. Just stupid people being stupid?