Trending: Twitter Users Post Their Best ‘What if Michelle Obama Were Really a Rapper’ Verses With #FlotusBars

Michelle Obama
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Thursday morning marked another milestone in Michelle Obama’s time as the first lady: She rapped. Again. And it was a glorious occasion. Well, glorious for those of us not named Sasha or Malia.

Obama dropped a verse on a new song encouraging students to attend college. The video, which featured comedian Jay Pharoah, may have been a little cheesy, but it was quite funny. It once again proved that there’s nothing the first lady won’t do to encourage education.


As quickly as the video hit social media, users on Twitter jumped on the opportunity and started using the #FlotusBars hashtag, and the results are hilarious.

Can you just imagine FLOTUS with a mic in her hand saying any of these?

Seriously, if there’s one hashtag that you need to keep an eye on today, it’s definitely #FlotusBars.

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