Travis Scott Takes Super Bowl Halftime’s Sloppy Seconds After Everybody Else and Their Mama Turned It Down

Travis Scott performs at Madison Square Garden on November 27, 2018 in New York City.
Photo: Theo Wargo (Getty Images)

Travis Scott has gone full “Sicko Mode.”

According to TMZ, the overly-manufactured and unseasoned band formerly known as Maroon 5 confirmed they’re adding Scott to their Super Bowl 2019 halftime show.


When everyone says no, Travis says yes. The timing is both right and wrong for Kylie Jenner’s boo: He’s having a moment right now, but you can’t accept the one Super Bowl everyone else in the black music industry has already deemed racist. We’re still mad we’re wasting what could’ve been the blackest music moment in Super Bowl history, given this year’s host city of Atlanta. Dwights are always fucking shit up for everybody.

Wacka Flaka previously chastised the league for paying Atlanta artists dust after announcing the “Girls Like You” band as the official act, but bitch, the NFL ugly anyway. Despite the prior rejections leaving a stench on the NFL championship game, Stormi’s father still somehow said, “bet.”


Meek Mill said it best:


Sources told TMZ that Maroon 5 is in current discussions with Cardi B and Big Boi to join the show. Um. Pretty sure Cardi is firmly on the “hell to the nawlist, so what is there to discuss? The Colin Kaepernick solidarity is real.

But, back to Travis.

Bruh, even Amy Schumer consulted her mayo mind and made the right decision. As The Root’s always unfiltered columnist Monique Judge said: “Of course a Kardashian nigga is doing the Super Bowl.”


Speaking of Kardashian niggas (do we have to?!), MAGA marauder Kanye West apparently made up with Scott, following his recent Twitter tirade directed at Drake. Scott got caught in the crossfire, due to Drake’s alleged “sneak-dissing” in his song.

Ye and wife Kim hit up the rapper’s Astroworld Tour stop in Los Angeles at The Forum Wednesday night, per TMZ. Beyoncé and Jay Z were there as well—likely not sitting by them.



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