Training Day Is Heading to Television

Training Day movie poster
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Remember the classic scene from 2001's Training Day, when Denzel Washington, in his award-winning performance as Detective Alonzo Harris, said, "SHU program, n—ga"? Well, Hollywood has decided to give us more Training Day, but this time a television version of the gritty cop drama.

CBS is currently developing a series that will take place in present-day Los Angeles and will once again put Antoine Fuqua, who directed the movie, in the role of director. The series is still in the development phase, so very few details are available about the plot or even the stars. If you remember correctly, Washington's character was killed in the end by the Russian mafia, and we can only assume that the series will stick to the movie's plot.


Washington won an Oscar for best actor for his role in the movie, which grossed over $75 million at the box office.

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